Getting Started


We have a whole page dedicated to this essen-tial first step, but allow us to repeat it here.
The actual concept or idea behind you website needs to be worked out in detail. You need to know what the website is going to represent. How it fits in your whole business plan, your product or service marketing. Also think desk-top, mobile and tablet. How you approach things on other devices


For get started in detail, on how to work with the added smartgrid, how to edit or add pages, adding font presets, modules and so on please consult this page from a desktop device.

6. Publish


1. Pick Project Name

2. Choose Smartgrid

3. Create Pages

4. Create Content

5. Preview

Thinking about the actual design, the color scheme, font families to use is the second step in the process. You need to know the color palette you work with first of all. Cannot just throw around all kinds of colors and see what sticks. And a website that drowns in too many font families does not look nice to add a set
of font presets for your headers (h2-h4, body text, intro texts). Too many looks chaotic and can slow down your website.
With Smart48 you can design a beautiful
website per device  with full control in no time. In this guide we will go through it all step by step to get you where you and your business need to be. We will begin with a short intro-duction on concept and design, followed by
the general steps and all these steps explained in plan English for you to get your website up and running before you know it.

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