46 years old. Married and has a 9 year old boy. Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. Has studied law and taught English for 8 years. Replaced the life as a teacher for one in ICT. Jasper is a frontend developer / planner and has been the driving force behind all code, apis and technology in Smart48 from the very beginning.

27 years old. Lives and works in Da Nang. Vietnam. Loves to ride his bike with his friends in his spare time. Together with his assistant he has built the backend/ frontend after the intial setup  and has given it an enormous boost. Saw Smart48's potential then and now to become a global platform. He keeps Smart48 growing every day.

71 years old. Was i.e. art director at Y&R, FHV/BBDO and PPGH/JWT. Won a bronze lion in Cannes and lampen at the Art Directors Club . Together with Linda came up with the idea to create an easy to understand and easy to use website builder. With the Ikea/Lego concept and starting point. And he has succeeded.

Our team.

38 years old. Married and has 2 daugh-ters 2 and 4 years old respectively. Lives in Hoorn. Has studied HBO Audio technology in Utrecht and works as a freelance audio engineer for i.e. Diggy Dex, Drukwerk, Tripple in Purmerend,  De Melkweg, Amsterdam and De Vorst-in in Hilversum. Made the music under the Smart48 portfolio video.


And not to forget: Waïl, Willem, Anouar, Siegfried, Maria, Sander, Jeroen, Peter, Phu, Judith and Kevin for the testing and their support.

40 years old. Married  with 2 boys aged 5 and 11 years. Studied  3 years at the Arts academy and came up with the concept and design together with her father (Richard). Were often a pain in the *ss for the developers. But in a positive way. Linda is currently working as an art director/designer and helps out Smart48 with testing.


The Netherlands

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